:: Welcome to Unicorn Holdings

Unicorn Holdings is a medium sized conglomerate headquartered in Lagos, to serve a wide variety of sectors of the economy.

Unicorn holdings Limited aims to be recognized as the biggest and best product and service provider in her areas of business and this is evident in our presence outside the shores of Nigeria. As some of our businesses operate in the Ghana and have recently acquired licenses to operate in Sierra Leone and Liberia.

Through next-generation technologies that address the universal need for housing, especially mass housing, movement of goods and services and the provision of clean and portable water, we are delivering solutions with tangible social benefits.

We build and construct houses, bridges, railways, etc as well as specialize in customising Bullet-proof cars, strongly resistant to AK 47, AK49, M-16 Riffles.

We also construct exotic and durable Fibre Glass Swimming - pools. Click here to view a gallery of pools that we offer.